How does homeopathy work?
The simple answer is we don't know exactly. This makes homeopathy difficult to prove and limits its acceptation in the scientific world. There are some theories and progress is being made in this area. Important to note however, is that much of conventional medical practice is also based on previous experience and very little sound proof or evidence.
Do I get the costs covered?
This is a question for your health insurance. It generally depends on how broad your complimentary medicine cover is. There are many insurances that give good cover. Make sure you do not get convinced into taking insurances with large total yearly coverage yet very low costs covered per consult. Homeopaths generally do not need very many consults to treat a child.
How long till I see results?
This varies. If the right remedy is chosen it can be days or it can be weeks. If at first there is no benefit don't give up. Sometimes homeopaths need to see a child 2-3 times to get the right picture and choose the right remedy. Often patients have spent years in the conventional medical system with little success. Then alternative medicine is expected to cure the problem in one treatment or it is not effective.
Can I take conventional medicines alongside homeopathic ones?
Yes, without any problem. These two fields can compliment each other. As the child’s level of health improves there is often less need for pharmaceutical drugs. In acute situations conventional medications are tried and tested and very effective.
Do I need a referral from my family doctor or paediatrician?
No, you may contact the practice directly to make an appointment.