You may attend the clinic without being referred by your house doctor. During your first telephonic contact, we determine what the clinic has to offer your child. An appointment is made and information regarding the coming consultation is provided. You are asked to bring all medical records, doctor’s letters, and laboratory results as well as past and present medications to the first consultation.

During the first homeopathic consult, you will need to provide as much information as possible about your child. In homeopathic treatment, not only is the illness of your child important, it is also essential to obtain a clear picture of the child physically, mentally and emotionally. Previous medical treatments will be reviewed and changes made if necessary. Nutrition also plays an important role in your child’s health. Some time is usually spent discussing diet and possible dietary changes that may enhance your child’s healing process. At the end of the consultation a homeopathic medication will be prescribed, usually for a period of five days.

Six to eight weeks after commencement of treatment, your child will be reviewed at a second consultation. Please call well ahead of time to make this follow-up appointment. In the interim period if there are any questions or concerns you are welcome to contact us.